Tuesday, July 28, 2009

western adventures

We have been wanting to do a South Dakota vacation for years, we are making time this summer to explore all this state has to offer.

Monday dawned bright and sunny, we were on the road by 8 am, and drove through the farm fields of southern Minnesota. The corn was tall and abundant, and our lunch at the Taystee Drive In, in Luverne, was the perfect stop.

We encountered thunder bursts all afternoon, sometimes the rain was so hard we could barely see. Being able to watch the storms approach across the horizon was beautiful, and we watched the lightning dance in the distance. The combination of the wheat fields next to fields of emerald, with dark blue stormy skies, was gorgeous. Our most unique stop was at a gas station in an actual ghost town (not a simulated tourist trap). So desolate, I can't imagine living there.
The Badlands did not disappoint, the formations look delicate, as if they would melt in a big rain. The colors were muted, as it was mostly cloudy on it's way to rain, but still spectacular. Charlie loved climbing, and getting some exercise. It proved to be a very popular spot-we saw license plates from Georgia to Maine, California to New Jersey. Even a busload of Asian tourists! You have to love the American landscape.
We made the obligatory stop at Wall Drug, Charlie was happy to add to his arsenal.
Rapid City was our final destination, we are staying at the very nice Grand Gateway Hotel, and plan to head to Sturgis, Spearfish, and Lead today, ending up in Deadwood. Thank goodness Charlie has a new rifle, as I hear the area is full of gambling and outlaws...

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  1. missing you...looks like fun...lovin c's new weapon!!!


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