Monday, July 13, 2009

time flies, camping edition

Dear Charlie-

You are home safe and sound from your first full week at Scout camp. While I was able to deliver you there, and join you Friday night for the family dinner, and Court of Honor, you were without one of your own parents for a whole week. It was a tough one for you, in some respects, but you really learned from this, and it will help you grow in so many ways. (photo from scout camp 2005):

Your stomach started causing you trouble early on, and progressively got worse through the week. While I was 2 and a half hours away, fretting about it all, you pulled through. It was a combination of homesickness, and a different diet, and maybe not being a big fan of an outdoor latrine.

I remember your first scout camp, just four years ago. You loved archery:

which you did again this year. You were a big fan of shooting:

-another thing you got to do this year, although instead of BB guns you have progressed to shotguns and rifles. You fished, you swam (even taking part in the Polar Bear plunge at 6:30 one morning!), you earned your Woodcarving, Geology, and First Aid merit badges, as well as doing a lot of hiking. You saw all kinds of wildlife, performed community service, learned how to care for a campsite, and get along with other boys.

You had some really long days, that ended at the campfire, and then cuddled up in your tent on the shores of the lake, with your good friend Alec as tentmate.

(photo circa 2005)

I can't believe how time has flown, and I am really proud of you for sticking it out. I don't dare ask you if you are going back next year, not quite yet...(and I promise NOT to mail you a letter next year, as that may have sent you over the homesick edge when it arrived on Weds....)

Love, mom

PS: A huge thank you to the all parents who gave their time to camp with the boys, and help them through a really amazing week, especially Mike Lane, Scoutmaster extraordinaire, who was Charlie's adopted dad last week. Blessings upon you, for giving of yourself, so selflessly (and keeping a worried mom updated...)


  1. So glad he is home safe and well! He is growing up so fast!

  2. You are a stupendous mom, I hope you realize that!


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