Monday, July 20, 2009

these are the days we will remember

Oh how I love the time I get to spend with my sister... We can sure pack a lot into a four day weekend. We started on Thursday at the Half Price Books tent sale, where we loaded up on bargain books and cds and dvds. The weather was unseasonably cool, so we took advantage of it and whipped up some chocolate cake to enjoy with our late afternoon wine (served warm, of course...)
That evening we all went to Pop! for dinner in downtown St. Paul (accordingly, they have the world's largest pop menu...)followed by a stop at Candyland and a quick tour of the beautiful state capital building.
Friday we headed out early, leaving the boys to their video games while we searched for treasure at rummage sales. Treasure was found, (favorite item? 1939 movie poster from the "Wizard of Oz"), next it was time for Heather to enjoy a relaxing pedicure at Juut salon on Grand Avenue. That girl was in desperate need of some pampering, what with dealing with an ex-husband, building a new home, and living with our parents. With pretty toes, we looked for new jewelry ideas at Bead Monkey, then headed home to pick up the boys for an afternoon at the Mall. (yes, that one....)

A quick stop at ACES to deliver payroll, and we found a table at the unbelievably crowded food court (cold summer weather drives people to the mall in DROVES) for some Thai food. We let the boys choose where to shop, so we spent time at Legoland and the Apple store, ending up at Beadniks (we bribed the boys with the other stores so we could have our time there) then back home.

It was pasta night, so I cooked up an extra large batch and we had a wonderful dinner together, all gathered around our dining room table. Then Mike took Riley and Charlie to Vertical Endeavors, for a little climbing action on a Friday night, and Heather and I watched "Doubt" and played with beads. We usually get a round of Scrabble in when Heather is here, and channel our Grandma Betty, but we just didn't get around to that this time. At least my plates stay on the wall that way. I will talk more about those ghostly occurences in another post....
Saturday dawned still cool, and cloudy. Heather and I shuffled off to Buffalo, while my sweet hubby spent the day with the boys. (Is he a great guy, or what?) They spent most of the day at Grand Slam, playing mini golf, laser tag, bumper cars, and arcade games. Boy Heaven!
Buffalo is such a unique shopping town, we explored Yesterday's Charm, The Porch, the Barn Chix, and even the drug store was full of interesting finds. We had lunch at a little deli, and found a garden shop that was selling everything half price, and giving away all of their remaining vegetables and herbs. With a very full truck, we headed home. Trader Joe's provided the makings for a great dinner, and we ended the day watching Jim Gaffigan, and giggling ourselves to sleep.

Did we spend our last day sleeping in, and lounging in our jammies? Heavens no!

After a trip to Farmer's Market for breakfast and veggies and flowers, we drove up Lexington Avenue to Como Zoo. The giraffes were there to greet us, as were the lions and orangutans. Okay, they weren't exactly THRILLED to see us...And of course, it was very important for the boys to act tough, and pretend they weren't loving spending time at the zoo. They did cooperate with all of the pictures we took, (mostly):
It finally felt more like a summer day, with sunny blue skies and a soft breeze. No laundry to do, no bills to pay, all of our everyday cares tucked away for another day. Sadly for all of us, it was far too soon time for them to head back to Bemidji.

I hope that Riley and Heather had as much fun as we did, we can't wait for them to come back!


  1. Wow - what a nice staycation! How was Pop!?

  2. Awww... looks like so much fun! I'm happy you had this time together.


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