Thursday, July 16, 2009

let the fun begin!

Heather and Riley arrive today for four days of giggling, resting, shopping, playing, and relaxing.

She called me last night to let me know they were leaving at 5:30, when the sun came up, and riding in their jammies. That is how badly they want to get here and start the fun!

Rummage sales? The zoo? The Science Museum? Picnics at the barge park? Ikea? Trader Joe's? The Bead Monkey? Bike rides? Soccer in the field? Or just sitting in the back yard drinking wine and eating cheese????

So many options, so little time.
I will report on all of the frivolity next week!


  1. Here's hopin' for a wonderful few days together! Cute pictures! I hope you realize that you two sisters have something very rare and special to be this close. I love it.

  2. Okay, those two cousin sure do look alike. Cute!

  3. By the way... Heather... is a gorgeous woman. Her in her blue top next to the red wall... whoa. I hope she realizes how beautiful she is. Striking!


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