Sunday, July 5, 2009

independent, definitely

It has been an unusual fourth of July holiday for our family this year. We often spend it in Bemidji with family, checking out the waterfront, taking the boat out, meeting up with old friends, and eating watermelon.

This year's schedule left us scattered in all directions by the end of the day on Saturday.
Mike was in Bemidji for a long weekend, catching up with friends and reminiscing at his 30 year High School reunion. (I really can't believe I just typed that, 30 YEARS????)
And saying hi to Paul and Babe, naturally.

I drove Charlie to Camp Tomahawk, an unbelievably beautiful Scout camp in Wisconsin.

(thanks to Mike Lane for the photo-not the exact spot of the camp, but it really represents it).

Tracy rode along with me so we could deliver Charlie and Alec and all of their gear. They will be spending the whole week there, and Charlie was so excited he could hardly stand it. And I was excited for him too, as I am living vicariously through him this week. One of my childhood dreams was to go away for a week of camp-and since that never happened, I can't wait to hear about Charlie's adventures.

After depositing the children safely, Tracy and I wound our way through the gorgeous countryside of Wisconsin...

...stopping in Spooner for a little retail therapy, the Potter's Shed in Shell Lake for a dose of art and a snack, a cheese shop/deli, and a farm for fresh strawberries.

I truly believe Wisconsin holds magical powers to restore your spirit and refresh your energy. I love that state. (Maybe because whenever I go there, it is just for fun.)

So the whole family had a wonderful holiday, independent of each other!


  1. Good to see you yesterday! Let's catch-up this week. Hope you found some fun stuff to buy in WI!

  2. Thank you, Kristi, for a magical day. And we made it back before the fireworks!!!


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