Tuesday, July 14, 2009

summer breeze...

...makes me feel fine...(wish I had musical notes on my keyboard to put in here....)

We are halfway through July, and the rhythms of summer move through our lives at their languid pace. This morning the sound of car tires in the rain is music to my ears, as we have not had a good rainfall in quite a bit. A respite from watering today, what shall I do with my extra time?

The johnny jump ups and arugula have bolted, and are ready to be replaced in the garden. Smooth green tomatoes grow daily, encouragaed by the sun. The dahlia bulb I purchased at a yard sale seems almost nuclear, overtaking the small spot where I planted it, and nearly ready to burst into bloom. The clematis are almost done flowering, the spiky flowerheads left in their wake are pretty in their own way. The Boston Ivy and grapevines are winding their way along the fence, and the Hyacinth Bean is gracefully winding its way around the iron dress form in the back garden.

The lawn has mostly recovered from it's earlier near drought condition, and is happy that Charlie gave it a good trimming yesterday. The robins will be swooping down today, finding earthworms in abundance on this rainy day. Speaking of birds, they no longer wake me at 4:30, now that the sunrise is a little later each day.

Softball season is now in it's final days, we will no longer be serenaded by screaming girls and their families several nights a week, and will be able to hear the sound of the crickets and cicadas as summer moves into August. August brings with it early morning football camp in the field across the street from our house, yet another song in the rhythm of our summer.
For now, the sound of the sprinklers at night remind us that there is still time, plenty of time, to enjoy all that our brief summers have to offer us.

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