Friday, July 10, 2009

and it is

I whipped up the cake linked here:

(one of my very favorite blogs, The Pioneer Woman-her cooking section is completely delightful, and yes, this is the best chocolate sheetcake ever).

It is cooling on the kitchen counter as I type this, and my whole house smells like warm, melted chocolate. Oh yum. I whipped it up to bring to Scout camp tonight, and ended up making my stand-by Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Salad (by the lovely Ina Garten). And Shelly, you win the prize for sending me the best recipes (even if I didn't use them today, I definitely will this summer!) I will be popping something fun in the mail to you, cooking related of course.

Looking forward to seeing my boy again, he has had a rough week at camp with lots of stomach troubles. It appears to be part homesickness/part change in diet. That is one reason I decided to make the Sun Dried Tomato Pasta, as it is one of his favorite summer foods.

So tonight I will be enjoying a campfire, in the beautiful Wisconsin woods, followed by a quiet night in a cabin with the scent of pine and the calls of loons drifting through the windows. And tomorrow I bring my boy home, for a quiet weekend of relaxing and getting back to city life.


  1. Have fun in the woods. Better you than me.

  2. First, I have been reading Pioneer Woman's website and am very impressed with her so far. Thanks for the link! Second, gosh you don't have to send me anything my dear. And third, I was going to ask you for your salad recipe, but alas, I found it on an earlier post. Planning to make it sometime SOON. Hope your night in the cabin is compfy. But, I'm doubting it. I agree with Tracy, better you than me. Country Inn and Suites anyone?? I'm sure your son is worth it!! :o)


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