Friday, May 1, 2009

time flies, May Day edition

A Happy May Day to one and all! Some flowers for you.While I can't bring them to your doorstep, ring the bell, and run and hide so you can't kiss me, I am doing so in spirit.

I used to LOVE May day as a little girl. My Grandma Doris (my mom's mother) would spend days making me May baskets to give my friends. Each year, they were different, and sometimes incorporated crepe paper, or pipe cleaners, or Dixie cups, or cottage cheese containers that she had covered with contact paper. She LOVED contact paper, and used it to cover her coffee cans so she could deliver freshly baked cookies. Or covered a cigar box for us to use for our cash box at the twice yearly family rummage sale. She was a master recycler, using everything she had, and was ahead of her time. (not really, she just grew up during the Depression!)

Charlie has always delivered May day goodies to his friends.In keeping with my Grandma's tradition, we make them a little different each year, (even though one year we cheated and used little gift bags-hey, we are busy people!)

This year, Charlie has decided he is too old for such frivolity. sigh...

And a Happy 48th birthday to my sweet hubby! How lucky to be born on May Day.

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  1. You can ring my bell and kiss me anytime. Happy Birthday to your hot hubby! xoxo,t


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