Thursday, May 21, 2009


Plants in Minnesota need to be from a very special stock. It can be 32 degrees one morning, and 97 degrees just three days later. The johnny jump-ups are okay, but if the warm weather sticks around they will be bolting shortly, and they will need to hibernate until the cool temps of autumn return. Did I really use the word 'autumn' in a sentence?
I have had a few casualties, from the wild temperature swings. But since I seem to buy in bulk, I think things will be just fine. My sweet potato vine is completely bedraggled, and my sun impatiens are none too happy. Best find the loose change in the couch cushions and get me some more.
The calibrochia is good, it just needed an extra drink on those two 90 degree days. Really, we all needed an extra drink on those days-what with the window air conditioners still sitting idle in the basement...
The mixed pot of dahlias, golden thyme, Italian parsley, lemon verbena, and candy corn vine weathered the wild swing, and looks like it will survive.
Candy corn? Criminy, yet another autumnal reference. I think I need to sit in my backyard with a book and some lemonade to clear my head.

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  1. I am getting such joy out of viewing your flower close ups! They are beautiful! I hope you have some enlarged and framed and hung in your home. They really are top quality.


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