Monday, May 18, 2009

boy's weekend

While I was enjoying the company of my mom and sis this weekend, Mike and Charlie were off hanging with the guys. Can you say sweaty socks, muddy boots, and campfire stinky clothes?

As soon as Charlie got out of school on Friday, they headed down to Theilman for a weekend of dirt bike riding. Charlie is getting pretty good at it, and will be in his first competition in just a couple of weeks. And I am just praying that all of his bones stay unbroken.

I know many think I am nuts to encourage him to do this sport, as it can be a very injury laden activity. But he is learning from the best (the broken collarbone and two broken feet Mike has experienced shall not be mentioned here...) and he is a very careful rider. That being said, I always send his insurance card along with Mike, for that first emergency room visit.

Maybe I should make sure Charlie knows where Mike's insurance card is:

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  1. Wow - impressive move. Yes, Charlie should carry copies of their insurance cards. Hope you had a nice girls weekend. xoxo,t


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