Tuesday, May 19, 2009

trash to treasure

Among the many joys of spring is the return of rummage sale season (tag sales, if you are Martha). Whether they are alley sales, yard sales or garage sales, there is nothing like finding that perfect thing that you didn't know you needed.

Sometimes you will even find things you DO need, at greatly reduced prices. I used to be the neighborhood finder...looking for a Little Tykes red car? Found it! Baby Bjorn carrier? Here's one! Hanging pot rack (Crate & Barrel, brand new, still in box)? Yup, $10. That was back when I was quite obsessed, and would hit them up on Thurs., Fri., and Sat. each week. I filled most of Charlie's bedroom shelves with books from rummage sales, and also found him great clothes and toys.

Now I only go when the mood strikes, or when my mom and sis come to town. We started at a sale on Thurs. evening (invitation only, I get the call every year) and scored a Ralph Lauren black leather bag for $1, an Ellen Tracy black leather coat for $10, and some other bargains.

Saturday morning we were up and ready with our coffee, it was darn chilly and very windy. We even needed gloves! But that did not deter us....our first stop was on Summit Avenue, Heather grabbed a Sherpani purse for 25 cents (yes, you read that right, and if you don't know what they are, just Google them to see how cute (and pricey) they are). I found a brand new Therma Rest for camping for $5, a Nike stuff sack for Charlie for $1, and an adorable picture for my dining room for a buck. Heather found a nearly new pair of jeans for 50 cents, and other clothing bargains.

After a coffee stop at La Patisserie, we headed over to the Desnoyer Park area for neighborhood sales. At one stop, I got a whole handful of jewelry for $2 ! Some of it was pieces that just need minor repairs, or earrings missing their mates, but I can turn them into fun finds with the twist of my pliers. Heather found some adorable tables she will repaint for her new porch, and I scored a box of office supplies for $5 - there was at least $5o worth of stuff in it.

But our favorite stop, was our last stop (mostly because the car was full...). Tables and boxes full of dishes, and pots and pans, and glassware. Oh my....

If you are out looking for your own treasures this season, have fun, and good luck!

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