Saturday, May 23, 2009

ouf of the mouths of babes

Is there anything better than a handmade card? Those made by little hands are my favorite.
Case in point. Eloise, age 6, gave me this one:
Mike has grown a few inches, and I have lost quite a bit of weight. Love it!
Esther, age 4, told me "Happy Boifday" when she gave me this one.
She explained the picture like this: "That is you, in a cage, and this is Mike, with a hole in his head. And a parrot sitting on top of it."

And a Happy Birthday it will be, indeed. Not only did they make me cards, they made me cookies on a stick. And they are DELICIOUS. (I will need that recipe).
And their smart mom shopped for me at the Textile Center and the wine shop. Does she know me or what? Thanks Tracy!

Hugs and wishes to my dear friend Bonnie, remember sharing our birthday at Perkins before school, with free birthday pancakes??


  1. Hope all of your wishes come true!

  2. Happy Birthday (belated). Hope you had a pleasant day doing things you wanted to do. When Tracy told me she had baked you cookies on a stick I thought Kristi has taught her well! Loved the cards. I'll be in the cities soon, let's do brunch.

  3. Happy belated birthday, dear cousin. I love the stuffin' out of you. I really do. I love our childhood memories at Grandma Betty's house for Sunday dinner. Lots of good Christmas memories as well. You have always been a very special person in my life. All the best to you!


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