Friday, May 29, 2009

time flies, carnival edition

Tonight marks Charlie's last spring carnival at Horace Mann Elementary.

He started attending it the spring before he started kindergarten there. I wanted him to get a feel of what it would be like, when he went to school there. We talked to some of the teachers, and checked out things in general. I just remember how little he was, and how he held tightly to my hand in such a new environment. We had a snack in the gym, and checked out the animals in the petting zoo. He played the Sucker Pull, and the Penny Toss, but that first year was reluctant to go near the giant inflatables, or the cakewalk.
After nearly a whole year there, spending kindergarten with the fabulous Ms. Bonnie Schwartz, he reveled in the fun, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. A confident, happy child enjoyed his second carnival.
Fast foward to tonight.
He will try to decide what scent of deoderant to use, and this morning wondered if he should start shaving. Will any of his friends will be hanging out with their girlfriends? (probably not, with parents around). He will come home with neon green hair, and soaking wet from the water balloon toss. We will have to drag him away, his tired old parents, as we will be ready to call it a night.
I really miss those days, when he just wanted to hold on to me tightly, as I provided that rock of familiarity. Tonight I just hope I don't embarrass him. Maybe I should get my hair painted too?

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  1. I love it. The pangs of watching your child grow up. It is bittersweet. Obviously, the goal is to 'grow them up', but oh how wonderful it is when they are young. Sigh...


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