Wednesday, May 13, 2009

cleaning day

Fun on the horizon-my mom and sis arrive tomorrow for a four day weekend here in the big cities!

Which means today is cleaning day.

Most days and weeks are just about maintaining a home that doesn't require a stop by the local haz mat team. But when your mom is coming to stay, some additional tasks are required. Time to pull out the Magic Erasers (my favorite new cleaning product) to scrub walls and trim, my Method cleaners for the bathroom (love the eucalyptus/mint scent), and my Oreck vacuum (which is truly the king of clean).

I actually had to make a list, so I wouldn't forget anything. And on top of the inside of the house, I feel compelled to have my yard in good shape, for those warm nights when we are sitting outside drinking wine.

It isn't going to rain, is it?

Heather and I are going to Keith Urban tomorrow night (what are the chances, two amazing concert experiences in one week?), we will be hitting up local rummage sales, shopping at our favorite stores, and just spending time together.

Which is the best part of all!

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful time with your girls. :o) And, enjoy the concert, too! Pass on a hello from me.


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