Friday, January 30, 2009

old kitty

Claude needed a pedicure, and to have his thyroid checked.

Wait, he's a cat, right?

Yup. A very expensive cat. A cat who rarely darkened the door of a vet's office, until his big overnight adventure last summer that resulted in a compound fracture. Now he and the vet are best friends.

While he no longer needs weekly visits to get a new cast, he does have a thyroid issue that needs to get checked regularly. And nails that need to be clipped by a professional since his poor foot healed crookedly. And during his visit this week, it turns out he also has hypertension.

The curse of getting older isn't just for humans. And according to the chart at the vet's office, while Claude is 18 in cat years, he is 85 in human years.Poor old kitty.

So now he adds another med to his daily dose. And he still doesn't like it when I shove them down his throat. But when I reward him with a nice bowl of his favorite grilled poultry with gravy, he mostly forgets about it, until I wrestle him again before bed time.

But I think he loves me anyway, as he will still pose for his portrait.

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