Thursday, January 8, 2009

guitar coward

Showing my age.

Charlie bought Guitar Hero with his birthday money, and got a second guitar for a Christmas gift. So now when his friends come over, they gleefully pick out songs and compete for the most hit notes.

You've seen the commercials-the mom is rocking out while her three small children bop their tiny heads to the music. At the end of the commercial, they let you know the game is rated T for teenagers-mostly due to skanky animated band members and "mature" lyrics.

He has been wanting me to give it a try, so the other night he plunked me down in front of the TV for my lesson. The game assured me that I was now ready to become a legend of rock.

We started with the 'easiest' song-"Slow Ride". That song has been played in this house more in the last few weeks than there were ornaments on the Christmas tree. I wake up to it rolling through my head.

Guitars in hand, Charlie played at the Medium level, while I of course was on Easy. My lack of eye to hand coordination quickly became apparent, and the notes rolled by with a resounding plunk as I missed them. Wait!!! This is a KID'S game? How can it be so hard?

Needless to say, I will be secretly practicing while he is at school, and will surprise him someday with my prowess, and knock out "Through the Fire and Flames" on the Expert level.School is done in June, right?

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  1. So can I come and practice whilst the kids are at school too? Do you think 10am is too early for wine..I think we would need it for


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