Monday, January 26, 2009

birthday greetings!

It was just one year ago today that I decided to do it, to put myself out there, to commit to being a blogger. I am not controversial, and will never be interviewed by a news organization about my impact on moms, or premenopausal women. But I have made it a whole year.

It's amazing how much has happened in just a year.

We were in the middle of trying to choose who should run for President, and had not heard of Sarah Palin.

We were spending money, and most of us had little idea of what our economy would look like in just a few months.

I still had my crummy old kitchen.

We didn't know our house, yard, and garage would become a simulator building factory.

Charlie still played with Legos every once in a while, and didn't spend his Sundays glued to the TV watching football.

I had less gray hair popping it's way out of my scalp.

My sister was still trying to hold her marriage together.

Charlie had an amazing teacher, and I spent time helping in her classroom.

An awful lot can change in a year. Change is good, even though it often hurts in the beginning, and we don't realize how necessary the change was, or how much better off we are because of it.

I don't know what this blog will look like this year, probably more of the same-recipes, photos, my thoughts on life (and fashion. just kidding) Because all it really is, is my journal, my diary, a way to keep track of my life. And anyone who wants to come along for the ride is more than welcome.

Any diary I ever started before never lasted more than a couple of weeks-there is something to this blogging thing. Several of you have started your own blogs since I started playing with this a year ago-I love following them.

If you want to start YOUR own blog, go here:

Thanks for coming along for the ride!

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  1. I love your blog!!! Have a great blogiversary and thank you for the inspiration and making me start my own.


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