Wednesday, January 7, 2009

creative thoughts

Each January, my mind turns to thoughts of creativity. While it may be better for me to rethink my daily food choices, the area of my brain that has been sadly neglected over the last few months roars back and wants to be heard.

My fingers crave fabric, my eyes want to play with color, my ears want to find some new music to create by.

January in the business world means getting ready for tax time-so most of my days are focused on that, and catching up on bookkeeping that was neglected during the gift card blitz of November and December. Numbers, numbers, and more numbers. But once the table has been cleared and the dishes are done, I revel in the thought that I have a whole evening to play, and use that other part of my brain that would really rather be in charge.

Shall I knit? I have started on socks. I have never made them, but think I need to.

Card making? I have so many ideas, and I just got a whole new set of Martha Stewart colored markers. They whisper to me from my desk "come and play!"

Sew some aprons? I stocked up on some gorgeous Amy Butler fabric months ago, with good intentions of holiday gifts. Maybe holiday of 2009, or 2010...

Jewelry? My dear boy and a sweet friend both gave me gift cards to Beadniks, so a beading shopping trip is in my future.

So many choices. This is when I am happy to live in a part of the country that nearly requires hibernation for several months.

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