Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ten things -

- that are necessary for winter survival:

1. Cuddl Duds. goofy name, but I love this product. I own several pairs, and rely on them to be my first layer of defense against the cold drafts in my house.

2. Fingerless gloves. I have a pair of rag wool ones that I wear when I am working on my laptop. It's not like anyone can see me...

3. Hot Coffee. all day long. Trader Joe's Winter Roast is my current fave.

4. Flannel sheets. In Minnesota, they are on our beds from October to April.

5. Afghans/Throws. Whatever you call them, we have three of them in our living room that get used every single day. Charlie grabs one in the morning and makes a tent around the furnace vent to warm up.

6. Comfort food. From stew to chili to pot roast, we don't do a lot of salads when it's this cold.

7. Atmospheric movies. Think Lawrence of Arabia, Dead Calm, or any Western. Save Dr. Zhivago and The Shining for summer when you need to cool off.

8. Cats. Claude curls up with me every single day and night-my own personal furry heating pad.

9. Candles. They instantly add warmth to any room.

10. Wool slippers. I would lose all feeling in my toes without these babies.

Feeling any warmer yet?

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