Monday, January 19, 2009

happy holiday

Three day weekends are so important to mental health. I am glad we will have another one in February. Even though we probably don't spend too much time thinking about why we are HAVING a day off, (just being honest here) we enjoy the time all the same.

A relaxing and fun filled weekend, thanks to all of my friends named Tracy, Tracie, and Tracy for sharing time with me! Maybe later I will post the results of some of the projects I worked on, mostly I just took it easy and watched lots of things on TV that my guys wouldn't like.

Speaking of them, they are winging their way back from the Windy City (actually, Lake Forest to be more specific) after a nice weekend with family-and I will be so happy when the little red Fit pulls into the driveway tonight. I missed them!A shot from last summer's State Fair-after almost a week of sub zero temps I needed to see some shirt sleeves and try to remember what warm sunshine felt like.

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