Wednesday, January 21, 2009

fashion broohaha

I bet you didn't know that I am a fashion guru-completely in the know on trends and colors. So obviously I need to weigh in on the hot topic of Michelle Obama's wardrobe choices yesterday.

Loved the cut of the sheath and coat. Not really fond of the color. I just read this morning that it was very cutting edge, and known as lemongrass. Not that anybody cares what I think. But I think it would have been so much prettier in a brighter color, as she can wear color really well, and I would have skipped the ribbon closure.

Last night's dress? Honestly, my first thought was Wilma Flintstone. The woman has a stature that could really wear anything, but again, I would have liked some color, and less fussy. I thought maybe those were feathers at first.

People are gushing today, and rightly so, I just think she could have done better. (As I sit here writing this in my yoga pants, tshirt, polar fleece, and fuzzy slippers.) What I did love is that today, two obscure business people are waking up to realize that they will now be hot, in demand, and financially successful fashion designers, a dream come true that they probably never imagined.

And now I am done being trivial. She seems to be incredibly intelligent and so ready for her new role, who cares what she wears? I just love the fact that she is going to make sure that her girls make their own beds.

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