Monday, November 17, 2008


renewed, rejuvenated...

If you have not taken time for yourself lately, I urge you to do so. Whether it is an hour away from everyday life to visit your favorite little shop, or enjoy an uninterrupted cup of coffee at a relaxing spot, or maybe just curled up in a cozy chair with no phones, kids, or husbands-you must do this for yourself.

We spend so very much time taking care of others, often at our own expense. And eventually, it becomes nearly unhealthy.

I feel like an almost-new person after my weekend away, and I can't wait to start planning my next one. (okay, that won't be happening for a good long time...)But it's always fun to dream and plan!

Grand View is the PERFECT place for this. I cannot say enough wonderful things about how good they are to their guests. It truly is worth every penny you will spend. This year, we had the option of taking a yoga class, going to a wine tasting, or even Karoake night! But we were quite happy tucked away in our cabin by the lake, with the fire glowing, and the wine flowing. And Nisswa has some adorable little shops. We woke up to a fresh, fluffy snowfall yesterday morning, picture perfect. Speaking of pictures, my sis may send me some of the ones she took-to give you an idea of the fun we had.

As all good things are, it was fleeting. But firmly embedded in my 'lovely memories' portion of my brain.

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