Wednesday, November 26, 2008

are you a shopper?

Will you be heading to the mall at 6 am? Perhaps to one of the crazy stores that open at 4 or 5 am? We have an outlet mall here that is opening at midnight. Last year people waited an hour just to PARK THEIR CAR there.

Am I missing something? I can't imagine a single thing that I would be willing to get up that early to buy. I can see if someone is selling new cars half price, or houses, or something. But tvs, sporting goods, winter coats?

Now, I love a bargain. I am a coupon clipper, and rarely spend full price on a single thing. But all of the deals this time of year just make me tired. It is just too overwhelming.

So Mike will head out and open our store at 6 am (official Mall of America opening time) on Friday. I will snuggle under the warm covers until Claude urges me to get up and feed him. Then I'll make a pot of Winter Roast coffee, and let the scent of cinnamon and spice drift through my cozy little house. I will read the newspaper, and snuggle with Charlie and talk about how we will decorate the house for Christmas. And watch the cars drive by our house to catch a deal and stimulate the economy.

But for now, it's time to bake some pumpkin bars, make my cranberry sauce, and roast some sweet potatoes.

Safe travels to everyone hitting the road today!

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