Wednesday, November 5, 2008

do you remember?

When Charlie is our age, and he and his family and friends go about their duty on voting day, I am guessing at some point they will say "Do you remember when our country elected Barack Obama?"

Charlie was riveted to the results last night. It has been a very big topic at school, and he was so interested to see the red and blue as they played out across the maps. I let him stay up to watch John McCain's incredibly gracious speech. He would have been an excellent president. I let him stay up and watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech. He sure can deliver an oratory. And I wish him all the best, and hope with all of my heart that he can deliver the America he has promised. And if he can't, then in four years we get to make the call, all over again. Now that all of the sniping and cruelty are over, let's get behind our new president and do what we can to support him. Whether we agree with his policies, or not.

So a big sigh of relief today, because it's over. Back to commercials for Swiffers and cars, laundry soap and Oxy clean. The lawn signs will get removed, along with the leaves. And we will hunker down and get ready for winter, and the holidays!

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  1. Wow - Jed wasn't even able to stay up that late.

    I am just so proud of McCain for not letting SP talk last night.

    God Bless America.


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