Sunday, November 2, 2008

Goodbye October

Okay, I'm a day late. Too busy dealing with candy hangovers.

We have set the clocks back (you did, didn't you?) and it's time to put away the Halloween stuff.

So long, bats:I'll keep the pumpkins and gourds out until the squirrels get them.

Goodbye, haunted village. (every little kid who comes to our house is just fascinated with it!)
So long, apothecary chest. You will need to be transformed into something more November appropriate. Any suggestions?I will miss the squishy eyeballs the most.

Goodbye witches:With a little reworking, the buffet can last a few more weeks, until we need room for all of the Thanksgiving food:But it's a gorgeous weekend, we still have leaves on some of the trees:The sky is so blue, and the sun shining through the yellow leaves on the trees outside our windows bathe our whole house in a golden light. Time to get out and enjoy it!(This one's for you Valerie, down there in Georgia where you are missing fall color and cool mornings!)


  1. Ha! You caught me peeking!!! Thanks, Kristi--I needed this. My girls hadn't even noticed the SLIGHT change in our trees. :( sigh..

  2. Are you serious?? I LOVE how you go ALL out for the holidays! Your apothecary chest with the bones sticking out of the drawers? What? You are a very fun mother. Good-ness! Thank goodness for LinkWithin so I can find these older gems... ;o)


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