Saturday, November 1, 2008

All Hallows Eve

Here is what you wear when you are in fifth grade-not too old to trick or treat, but too old to be cute anymore:
And what is better than trick or treating with your best buddy?
Unless it's finding another friend along the way to join you!
I LOVE it when people decorate their houses-and really get into it:
This house in our neighborhood gets scarier every year-it's awesome!

Even in fifth grade, it's nice to have the dad along for back-up:

(Mike is wearing his I'm-completely-exhausted-from-building-simulators mask).

Then we all went to the big Halloween party at Violet's house, and they didn't use Charlie's head for the pumpkin carving model, and nobody got any rocks. It was a wonderful evening spent with good friends.

As Charlie says, the second best part of Halloween is sorting your candy the next day. Dibs on the Snickers! (thank goodness he doesn't like nuts...)

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  1. EWW.. Keep the candy corn, but that KitKat is MINE!


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