Tuesday, November 18, 2008

once upon a time...

...there was a man who had an idea. He would build a simulator that would allow people to feel like they were flying, without leaving the ground.

So he gathered some parts

and his tools

and started creating it in his garage.

He sanded

and painted

working day and night

and even got his wife to help with the fabric parts.

And before you know it, he had two of them nearly ready:

And the weeks went by, and still the man worked in his garage, day and night.

And he went to the place, where they had a vision, of filling a classroom with many of these amazing inventions.

He loaded up his truck and trailer, and delivered seven of them to this place.

And now all he has to do is set up all of the computers, and hook everything together, and before you know it, the children will feel like they are flying, without leaving the ground.

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  1. Sure sounds like a fairytale come true to me! xoxo,t


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