Saturday, November 22, 2008

of regattas and simulators

Our lives are a whirlwind. I daydream about our little family just sitting in the living room, with candles glowing, and soft music playing, and perhaps a round of Monopoly.

But that won't be happening for a while, so for now I shall just live in the moment and absorb all of the goodness that surrounds us.

Charlie is in his last year of Cub Scouts. Thursday night the entire pack held their Raingutter Regatta in the school gym. Each boy crafts a sailing vessel of their own design, names it, and hopes to win a race or two. When Charlie was just starting out, in first grade, it was a several day project. Helping dad with the sanding, the painting, the gluing. This year dad was busy building simulators, and Charlie did it all on his own. Not a bad thing, as he is eleven after all, and derived a great sense of accomplishment.
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It's a raucous evening. It was gratifying to see Charlie and his den mates behaving so well, offering encouragement, and support. They have all grown so much from that first year of tears and raw emotion that a competitive event can bring.

Mike is basically living at the school, getting the sims hooked up. This is what it looked like when he started the process on Tuesday:

The painters came in to do their work this week. So he has had to work around tarps and ladders.

I brought him dinner last night. I cleared off a table and we had pasta by candlelight-in this giant room surrounded by simulators. He is quite single minded in getting this finished-he leaves early in the morning and is home at 10 pm. I can't wait to post pictures when it is all done, hopefully by the end of the day on Wednesday. But it will continue to be several very long days before an end is in site. I will be with him all day on Monday, armed with my sewing machine, to finish all of my parts and pieces.

And another November winds down....

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