Monday, November 3, 2008


Charlie's grade school does a really great thing every fall. The fifth and sixth grade classes spend a lot of time learning about the political process, and the importance of voting. They write and give speeches, and prepare posters and debate the merits of political candidates.

Today, they had their "Get Out the Vote" program. We had several local candidates for office show up (even Dean Barkley made it!) and it was a wonderful morning of patriotic songs sung by enthusiastic voices. Charlie and his Cub Scout troop presented the colors, and wore their uniforms proudly. The kids did a fabulous job, as did the teachers of preparing them, and it was with misty eyes that I listened to them end the program with "God Bless America".

All of the major local news stations were there-so who knows, Horace Mann Elementary may be on TV tonight! We will be flipping through those stations at 5 and 6 pm to see.

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  1. YAY Charlie! What a great program for the kids!


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