Friday, November 7, 2008

joy of jigsaw

Fall has definitely arrived.

No, it isn't the piles of leaves covering my yard, that we haven't had a chance to rake yet.

It isn't the steaming foods I am whipping up in the kitchen.

It's not even the freshly washed hats and mittens now hanging by the door.

Fall is really here when we get out the jigsaw puzzles.

The 1000 piece, folk-art-with-tons-of-colors-and-things-going-on-in-them-puzzles.

I light the candles in the fireplace, bring out the toasty afghans, and we clear off the coffee table.

Corners and edges first, then we start on the individual themes.

Charlie is almost a professional piece fitter-inner, and while it doesn't have the fast pace of video games, it seems to fit the season. And unlike video games, you can carry on a conversation while you play. (thank goodness the xbox is in for repairs, after exhibiting the scary Ring of Death...)

It is snowing outside this morning, Charlie has the day off of school, and we are going to slip some cinnamon rolls in the oven and get back to work on that puzzle.

Just another reason why fall is my favorite season!

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  1. Awwwhh!! We love puzzles, too! the girls sit on the hardwood floor in front of the fireplace and they put together all of the puzzles we have....then they sit like stepping-stones for a day or so for the entire family to admire before I beg them to put them away...and start anew the big family-sized puzzles I've been saving. :) LOVELY images, Kristi! Charlie is so lucky.


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