Thursday, February 23, 2012

we all need our girls

Heading out today for a long overdue weekend with some of my favorite girls.

Scattered across Minnesota, tending to children and parents, we haven't had a weekend away together in nearly FIFTEEN years.

We used to get together almost yearly, and I am sure during the weekend we will talk about our memories of that camping trip to Hinkley (pretty sure that was a bear), or the ski weekend where we ended up stuck in our hotel room in an ice storm, or the giant cabin we rented in Brainerd where we brought more bottles of alcohol than food.

This weekend we will talk about the kids who are now in college or heading off to high school, and the parents who are no longer with us, and turning fifty, and all that goes along with it.

This time I am packing more knitting and books than I am alcohol, but there are several bottles of Old Vin Red just waiting to be savored.  With some very dear friends.

There is nothing quite like your girlfriends to make your life feel whole.

May you all have a beautiful last weekend of February, tales to be told next week!


  1. We DO all need our girlfriends. It's so important for our mental health. Glad you're taking a break. Would love to see pics!

  2. Completely agree. A friend was here this weekend who I have known since college. At first I started to get annoyed that her presence completely disrupted my work and domestic routine and then I realized how much I needed that disruption. She left this morning and I miss her!


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