Wednesday, February 29, 2012

recipe box Wednesday

A very important part of any girlfriend get together is, of course, the food!  Everyone chipped in and made or brought something yummy-it was a buffet of goodness.

My sweet sister sent me this recipe a bit ago.  I love how she finds recipes she thinks I might like and still sends them the old fashioned way, in the mail.  When I rifle through my daily pile of envelopes, of which most are junk, it is so joyful to find my name handwritten on an envelope and know it is from her.

I had been hanging on to this one, in my "to make" pile, thinking I would whip it up the next time we could be together.  But then I realized it would be perfect for my girl weekend of chatting and noshing, so I whipped it up.

It was a hit!  Fresh and yummy and it makes enough for a crowd.  Or in our case, two days worth of snack time.

Click here:  to go to my recipe pages for a printable version.

It is now my new favorite dip, so if you invite me to your party I will be sure to bring it along!


  1. Kristi, it sounds like you had such a fun weekend! And this is the perfect recipe for us. I love dip, I love easy, and my husband's side of the family is Greek! I printed off the recipe (thank you!). We'll make it this weekend and try it out. Yum.

  2. Looked over the recipe... yum!


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