Tuesday, February 28, 2012

it was FAB

No photos yet, I packed food and wine and yarn rather then a camera.  When my friends send me their photos   I will share.

It was three full days of girl talk.  We hardly wanted to take the time to sleep, staying up until 2 am the first night.  You know you are having a great time when you look at the clock and are completely surprised!

We caught up on everything, our kids, our husbands, our parents.  We debated botox, and discussed hair dye, and the experience of college applications.  Favorite books and movies were shared. We reminisced about past parties and fun, and Sue and Sally were smart enough to bring stacks of photos for us to giggle over.

Karen's cabin was the perfect spot for our reunion.  Lots of space and bathrooms, a gorgeous view of the frozen lake, and a huge fireplace to snuggle by.  We all took turns getting food ready, lots of snacking and discovering new beverages.

We did take a break to watch "Bridesmaids", and it was even funnier to watch it with my oldest friends.  Or was it the wine I was drinking while I viewed it?

(this doesn't look that different than the pictures from one of OUR weddings!

As we packed up and headed home, we vowed to get together more often.  If we wait another 15 years we will be sharing pictures of grandkids instead of our past fun!

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  1. Marvelous! Sounds like the perfect getaway and catch-up time. Nothing like those girlfriends!


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