Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy hearts day !

Valentines Day makes my heart happy.  I love going through my boxes of papers and trims and vintage valentines, rubber stamps and glitter and ribbon, and crafting little cards for friends and family.  It reminds me of making the Valentine holder for school as a child, covering an oatmeal box and making it pretty to collect tiny Valentines from classmates.  I still have some of mine, and it is so fun to go through them.

I know Valentines Day has it's detractors, but I disagree.  It doesn't have to be about the giant bouquet of roses delivered to your office, or a heart shaped box of chocolates, or something sparkly in a black velvet box. Just a sincere hug, or a kind word, or a little note to friend you haven't seen in ages.  Just remind someone how much you care for them.  

No, we shouldn't need a reminder to do that, but some people need a nudge.

How can you not love a holiday that emphasizes chocolate?  Speaking of, I better get going on those red velvet cupcakes for my guys...

Hoping your Valentine's day is sweet!

(and for a real Valentine treat, head on over to visit Susan Branch today, she knows how to celebrate Valentines Day! http://www.susanbranch.com/archives/3337



  1. Hope you had a fabulous Valentine's Day! I finally made that Lighter General Tso's Chicken last night. Yum!! Delish.

  2. I love vintage cards! This Valentine's Day card is very cool. Do you have a collection?

  3. I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day! Such a fun holiday........wrote a post about it just the other day. So glad to find someone else who agrees! Kind of jealous that you have some of your saved valentines. I would love to have some of my old ones to look at now :)


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