Monday, February 13, 2012

music in my ear

Every morning when I wake up, there is a song running through my head.

Sometimes it makes sense, like this morning, when Adele was mixing with Whitney Houston in my brain this morning, after seeing a snippet of the Grammys last night.  (I missed Bruce, dang!  Hoping to find a clip of it somewhere today...)

Can I just say, Adele's voice is absolutely incredible?  And I love that she is not a size 0 performer in an odd costume.  No half clothed back up dancers, just a pure beautiful voice.  But back to my subconscious music problem...

This summer, I had songs from the movie Mike was making for my parent's anniversary running through my head for weeks.

Now and then they are commercial jingles, the morning after the Super Bowl it was the song from the Matthew Broderick Honda commercial.  Ohhhhh yeah.

Does everyone have this, or do I have a strange brain?  Maybe it's the musical part of my brain that feels untapped, and can only come through when I wake up in the morning?

No matter, it's kind of nice to wake up to a little music every morning.


  1. Don't feel like an alien.... everyone in this home has the same issue - sometimes I have to try hard to 'change' the song! I think the Germans have a word for it - or phrase - roughly translated it is called a song-worm...keeps going around and around :)

  2. Not a bad problem to have, waking up with a song. :o) I am loving Adele as well. Her voice is amazing and I, too, appreciate her realistic curvy figure. :o)


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