Thursday, February 2, 2012

celebrating good things

February is here!  Looking out my window, I feel like perhaps I have moved to San Francisco-the fog has enveloped us for the last couple of days.  Very little snow on the ground may lead us to think that spring may be just around the corner, but the Groundhog today said, not so fast!

Today I am announcing a little give away to celebrate my four year blogiversary.  Regular readers will know how much I adore Susan Branch-her cookbooks, her art, her blog, and just the way she lives her life.  I found a copy of her very first cookbook at a tiny independent bookstore last summer, and have been waiting for just the right time to give it away.  This is the time!

I was fortunate to meet Susan Branch in person at a book signing many years ago, and I had a brush with her last fall.  She is one of those people I would love to have lunch with someday.  Leave a comment below and let me know who YOU love and admire and would like to lunch with someday, and you will be entered to win her first cookbook.

One entry per person (please make sure I have your email address, so I can contact you when you win!), the contest ends at midnight on Tues. February 7th.  There is a full moon that night, and if you read Susan's blog you will know that February's full moon is a "Snow Moon".  Here is a link to a blog post she wrote about moons, if you have some extra time:  She also provides a link to a fun, free printable bookmark:

All kinds of Susan love today!  Good luck!


  1. Of course I already own the cookbook, but I still wanted you to know that I LOVE and ADMIRE YOU and wish I could have lunch with you EVERY DAY!

  2. Your sister is so sweet! I would love to have lunch with my grandma who passed away about 27 years ago. I didn't appreciate her wisdom and grace and would love to talk to her about some things I didn't understand then. It is very foggy here too - but everything is covered with hoarfrost - breathtaking!

  3. I would love to have lunch (or at least a tall glass of sweet tea with a sprig of fresh mint) with Bailey White. I've read all her books and heard her a number of times on NPR. (And I would have loved to have a rollicking good chat with Molly Ivins before she was taken from us WAY too early.)

    Got to agree with Heather and AnnJ, though. Spending some time with you, Kristi, on a gorgeously hoar-frosted day (or any other) would be an incredible treat.

  4. It's hard to pick just one! Of course, I love & admire YOU and would LOVE to lunch with you and we shall...

    Otherwise, I'll say Rachael Ray, Kelly Rippa, or Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman). I like to laugh. :o)

    I also enjoy everything about Susan Branch. I really wanted to win her little bird salt & pepper shakers. Drat.

  5. I would so like to meet you and hopefully that will happen someday since we live within a couple of hours of each other! Other than you, I would most want to get together for lunch with Amy Butler. i was blessed and lucky to get to meet her briefly at the Creative Connection Event a couple of years ago and got to hear her wonderful keynote address. I've admired her for so long and hope to follow in her path, but in my own unique way.

  6. Four years - so awesome. Okay I want to have lunch with you. And Heather and Rachelle.

  7. o I would love this!!



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