Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"without a song...

..or a dance, what are we?  So I say Thank You for the music, for giving it to me..."

Sunday I had the great pleasure to see this:

It was my Christmas present, from my dear friend Tracy.  We took Eloise and Esther along for a girl day, their first Broadway show.  The sun was shining and downtown Minneapolis was abuzz-the sidewalk was packed outside the Orpheum, and inside the glittering chandeliers reflected the gilded artwork on the ceiling.

By now you are all familiar with this musical, having been transformed into a fun movie romp with Meryl Streep and cast.  When the movie came out last summer I saw it four times in a month.  Not because it is great theater, or a wonderful story.  But because every time I watched it, I smiled, and was happy, and felt like dancing.  Who wouldn't want to repeat that feeling over and over again?

And on Sunday it all came back.  The fun.  The memories of dancing around my bedroom as a teenager to "Dancing Queen".  And it doubled the fun to share it with two little girls (dressed adorably, and with impeccable manners), and their amazing mom (beautiful in her new Liberty coat), who knows me better than most.

Thanks for the great day Tracy-I'm still dancing.


  1. What an absolutely wonderful day. You are one lucky gal.

  2. I have been singing "..thank you for the music..." since Sunday. Eloise is already sick of me. Thank you for joining us. Next time, drinks and dinner too...

  3. When I ran for city council, my campaign manager suggested I find a few friends to stand on the sidewalk and sing "Take A Chance on Me" while I door knocked. That cracked me up. Oddly, no one volunteered to do it. Anyway, I Love ABBA and I adore Mama Mia! I'm so happy you got to go! And, what lovely dates you had. ;o)

  4. What a great idea! If I lived there I would have totally done it (maybe after a glass of wine for courage...)


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