Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break eve

Charlie has spring break next week, and boy is he ready. 

His new school has really challenged him this year (which is why we brought him there in the first place), and this was the last week of third quarter.  Frankly, we are ALL ready for a break.  Sleeping in a bit in the morning, staying up a little later at night, no homework to harangue him about,  no healthy lunches to prepare while I am still half asleep.

In the past we have taken a vacation, last year it was skiing at Lutsen and hanging out in Grand Marais.  We have been to Key West, San Diego, and Santa Fe. 

This year we are going to finish cleaning out the attic and basement.  Everyone has their own new econcomic realities!  But we are going to find our pictures from those trips, and reminisce about the fun we had.

Another thing we plan to do, during our at-home break, is explore new restaurants throughout the metro area.  Charlie has been doing some research in the latest issue of "Minnesota Monthly", so he will be in charge of making the choices.

With temperatures climbing close to 70 next week, who wants to go away?  The dirt bike track is calling, and the backyard flower beds want to be dug into.  And it just may be time to pull out the grill and have that first dinner outside.

For those of you enjoying a little break next week-have fun with your family!

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  1. Lovely photos and a great idea. It's a Stay-cation. I hope you'll let us know which great restaurants you try. How fun that Charlie gets to choose! I really love your positive attitude. That pic of you and your boy... frame it! What a cozy mothering moment. :o)


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