Thursday, March 18, 2010

finding time

Last week I was whining about the gloomy weather.

And Monday it was sixty degrees, and sunny, and virtually all of the snow went away.  I went for a big walk, and when I got home I had FIVE NEW MAGAZINES in the mail.  Which alone is enough to make me really happy.  The cover of Real Simple said "More Time For You".

I took that as an order.  I abandoned my desk covered with work and the laundry waiting for me in the basement.  I pulled a canvas chair from the garage and poured myself a glass of iced tea.  I positioned it all in the sunniest corner of my back yard, pulled off my wool socks, and soaked up the sunshine for nearly two hours.

I must be growing up, because I hardly felt guilty at all.

My toes hadn't felt the sunshine since September.  Oh, they were so happy.  I even got a little sunburn, and it felt great.  (yes, I DID put on sunscreen...)

I took a little tour of the garden, and found these hopeful signs:

The fall blooming asters are already peaking out of the ground:

I can't remember, I think this is bellflower?

And look at the lovage, pushing through the ice and snow.

Oh, spring is definitely on the way.  And with it, a gentle reminder to all of you to find some moments in the day, just for you.  The laundry will wait.


  1. Great advice and I'm so glad you took it! Thanks for the shots of the shoots coming out of the ground. I love to see that!

  2. You are so much smarter than I. I also received that magazine yesterday and told it to "bite me" as I threw in on my 2 foot stack of other unread magazines. Those bastards talking to me like that and all.


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