Tuesday, March 9, 2010

recipe box Wednesday

Today I share with you what I made for dinner on Monday night.  I had read The Pioneer's Woman's post on Chicken Piccata, and I was instantly longing for Buca's Chicken Marsala.  Have you had it?  If you have, you know what I mean, about the longing part.

I had tried to recreate it at home before, but the supposed copycat recipe just wasn't the same.  It called for dry Marsala wine, which I dutifully used, but the flavor of the restaurant's dish, with just a hint of sweetness in the sauce, was not there.  So yesterday I did some on-line sleuthing and found one that seemed close, and I toodled on down to Trader Joe's for a bottle of sweet Marsala wine, and got busy.

Of course, the classic side dish with Buca's Chicken Marsala is their Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  And I had made that recipe, with success, in the past (and reeled at the amount of butter and cheese it called for...).

As I casually calculated the fat calories in my head, I knew this would be a night we would need a long walk after dinner.  But oh, was it worth it.  Here are the recipes:

Buca's Chicken Marsala  (there's even a video-if you want to watch how to make it)


Buca's Garlic Mashed Potatoes


Bon Appetiti!


  1. Oh yikes and yum. Any leftovers?

  2. This looks delicious, especially the mushrooms. I look forward to your Recipe Box Wednesdays.


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