Monday, March 22, 2010


The arrival of spring requires all caps-something I rarely use in my blog titles.

It's here, and we wear our survival of another Minnesota winter like a badge of courage.

To welcome the new season, we swept all of the winter remains from our steps, and I found a lovely new doormat covered in poppies.  I made our favorite summer pasta (the Barefoot Contessa Sun Dried Tomato Pasta) that I have gone on and on about on this blog.  The smell of the fresh basil (quite a deal at Trader Joe's) permeated the whole house.  sigh.

I am too superstitious to remove the window screens yet, and the winter boots, while moved, are still within access if necessary.  I did defy my usual carefulness, and removed the flannel sheets from the beds.  So if we get a snowstorm, you can blame it on me.

I bought packets of seeds, and trays for starting them, all excited to see the tiny shoots of green.  Until I brought them home, and looked at the spot in the baement where I thought I would tackle this project.  I am having second thoughts.  It seems like SO MUCH WORK to save some money.  Thoughts, any one?

If I am diligent, and not lazy, I could have this as my reward. 

But that seems really far away.

Clearly, I am looking for someone to tell me what to do...


  1. You know me, I have no gardening advice. I would pay someone about a million dollars to do my gardening.

  2. If I'm remembering correctly, you have lights to put them under, right? If not, forget it. I've done the seed route with a South facing window creating spindly plants and a whole lotta work keeping those little containers watered. However, my friend Kathy Q. does it every year with wonderful results (she has lights). How much energy do you have? I would rather shop at the greenhouse.

  3. And by the way, that first photo of the green grass... balm for my soul. Thank you.


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