Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hitchcock, Speilberg, Pohl?

Mike has become quite involved with filmmaking.  It all started out of necessity, several years ago we decided it was time to add TV commercials to our array of advertising for the store.  Of course, we wouldn't hire anyone to make one for us, not when we could figure out how to do it ourselves.  That's kind of the way things work in the Pohl household.

Through the years, Mike has done massive amounts of research and testing, fine tuning his choice of cameras, video editing software, music.  He has taught himself every aspect of filming, with excellent internet resources and hands-on trial and error.

Since the purchase of the Canon 7D last year, things have really ramped up.  He has built himself a shoulder camera mount, so he can more easily film dirt bikes out in the woods.  He has been buying old lenses on Ebay, to improve his ability to control lighting and focus.  He spends time, nearly every single day, experimenting or reading up on the latest info.

You probably saw Esther's birthday video, which I posted a couple of weeks ago.  If not, here is the link again:

I think it really shows how much he has learned, and was an artistic departure from ACES TV commercials.  I love that he can see a little girl's birthday party in such a sweet light.

Last weekend his dirt bike club held their annual "Sandblast" event at their track in Grantsburg, and he has become their official videographer.  When you have a few minutes, sit back and check it out:

Not exactly your typical dirt bike video, and that's why I love it so much.

Now if only I could direct that all-consuming passion towards things like cleaning out his corner of the office....but you know these artistic types...


  1. Okay, I saw Esther's b-day video and loved it, but why am I now getting emotional over a dirt bike video? That music, my my. Alright, Mike definitely has talent in this area. Wow. I kinda wanna buy a dirt bike now and get into the circuit. Seriously. Do you think it's too late for me?? VERY well done, both!! No wonder Grandma Betty liked him so much.

  2. Wow - can't say I have ever watched motorcycling for 5 minutes before...so it must be a good video.
    p.s. that is a really dirty sport - I cannot imagine the laundry produced.


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