Monday, March 8, 2010

fairy dust and magic wands

When I was expecting sweet Charlie, there was no doubt that he was a boy, and knowing I was only going down that road once, I put aside all thoughts of princess gowns and baby dolls, and knew my world would be filled with dump trucks and sand boxes and building blocks.

I have had the great good fortune to spend time with the sweetest girls in the world, Eloise and Esther, and now their baby sister Astrid (who has yet to develop any fondness for me, but I am sure she will come around....).

And last Saturday, I was privileged to help their mom Tracy throw the greatest 5 year old birthday party ever.

It was a princess tea party, and Tracy did not skip a beat in planning.  From the perfectly set table, to the beautifully decorated room, to all of the fun a princess can have at a party, it was just a delight.  Thank you SO MUCH for including me in the fun!

Mike is turninng into quite the videographer, and on Saturday he asked if he could film something besides dirt bikes.  And here is what he made:


  1. I saw the photo of you with your little apron on serving tea to the girls. Sooo, sweet. What a fun party and a nice friend you are to help out. Also, I loved Mike's video! So endearing. At the very end where Esther is smiling so sweetly... beyond cute.

  2. One more thing... the song Mike picked out for the video couldn't be more perfect. Almost brings a tear. VERY sweet!!

  3. You can come be a princess anytime! We love you...even Astrid does, I am sure of it.


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