Thursday, February 4, 2010

winter reading

In the past week I have read two amazing books, that I just had to share with you. 

The first is "Half Broke Horses", by Jeanette Walls.  It is a 'true-life novel' about her grandmother, Lily Casey Smith.  I devoured it, much as I how I read the Little House books growing up.  This woman had an amazing life, and it is told in her voice, from her childhood through adulthood.  What an adventure!

The seond is Tracy Chevalier's newest, "Remarkable Creatures".  It takes place in England, and is about a woman who became a fossil hunter.  I know, you are thinking that doesn't sound very exciting, but in the hands of this author it is a wonderful story.
And what better way to while away the winter hours than to read about two very strong, ahead of their time, amazing women?  Add these books to your list.


  1. Thanks for the book ideas! I LOVE Tracy Chevalier. I've read Falling Angels, The Virgin Blue, and Girl With a Pearl Earring, all by her. Wonderful, all!

  2. You read 2 books in one week.
    I don't love you anymore.


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