Tuesday, February 23, 2010

careers I could have had:

                                                        Ice Dancing Costume Designer:
(photo: nytimes.com)

I could dye animal prints, and create interesting organza feather placement.

I have experience with beading and flesh colored knits.

While I personally prefer the classic, elegant costumes, I could do the frou-frou, over the top costumes that distract from the skating.  Hey, pay me and I will give you what you want. 

Is there any other Olympic sport where you regularly hear about soft knees, or twizzles?

I loved when they showed the video of some of these pairs skating together when they were little kids.  Can you imagine working that hard, with someone else, for that long (and not as husband and wife?)
(Photo:  kansascity.com)
Hey, wait a minute, I think they're trying to capitalize on the whole vampire craze...

 I have to root for the Americans, but Tanith and Benjamin's costumes were way too overwrought, his hair was too long, and I really disliked their music choices.  But I DO think they were better than the Russian pair, who claimed the bronze. The other American team was elegant, but Charley had some hair issues too.  I do think their music and costume choices were superior (and I am quite the fan of the classic white skate boot-please do not pull your flesh colored tights over your skate to 'elongate' your leg).  Can you believe I have never been asked to be an Olympic judge? 

Ice Dancing at the Olympics-there is nothing better.  Who is your favorite pair?  And what did you think of the results?  The Canadian team made me cry, and how amazing for them to win on their home ice.  They were ADORABLE, and when they stood on the podium smiling from ear to ear, and SANG THEIR NATIONAL ANTHEM, with gusto, it was the best moment of the Olympics.

(photo: upi.com)

I am pretty sure it was the white skates and nicely trimmed hair that put them over the top.

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  1. My favorites were the Canadians! Not because they won gold, but because they were humble, sweet, simple costumes and like you said aDORable. She looked like a ballerina. So sensual and cute, my heart just burst.


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