Tuesday, February 9, 2010

paper love

Love is in the air, and tiny scraps of paper are littering my dining room floor.

Remember making Valentines as a child?  My mom didn't believe in store-bought, when we had to make Valentines for our classmates.  My favorites were the pieces of rough construction paper, folded in half, then snips and snaps removed (like snowflakes).  I remember the year she bought me a package of paper doilies to use, I felt so special.  Did you ever use old crayons, little pieces cut onto waxed paper, then topped with another piece of waxed paper, and then ironed on a low setting?  Once the paper cooled, we could cut it into shapes.  I made some last year, just to experience the fun again.  But I finally felt confident enough to cut them free-form, rather than using a cookie cutter for a pattern.

And then there were the boxes.  Did you have to make a Valentine box to bring to school?  To collect all of those Valentines?  Shoe boxes were pretty standard, but I do remember the year I used an oatmeal box instead.  Always wanting to be a little different, even at that age.

Today the wide array of papers and embellishments is overwhelming-walking into Archivers (my favorite paper store) is like being a kid in a candy shop.  My heart races a little bit, and my thoughts whirl with possibility.

But then it's time to get serious, and get some cards made, and make some decisions.  There is always next year to use those things that didn't make the cut!  (pun fully intended...)

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  1. OhHowFun. You have creativity just pulsing through your veins. I love it. You inspire me. I'm wanting to rush right out and buy some Valentine thingys.


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