Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's not just for summer...

Bemidji is my hometown.  We don't get there as much as we used to, what with a store at the Mall of America to run, and a twelve year old boy busy with activities.  But occasionally we get to sneak away for a long weekend, and enjoy all it has to offer. 

Paul and Babe at night (little known fact, my grandfather helped build these):
Lots and lots of hockey, my sweet niece Savanna played 3 games this weekend, and kicked a little butt:
Can you believe this adorable girl is also an amazing hockey player? 
I said we are going to be at the Olympics in four years watching her play for Team USA. 

Dinner at the 71 Bar (that's Mike's mom, Janet, on the right):
Uncle Bob (Mike's brother) occupied the boys with Hang Man while we waited for our food (and for a change, Mike did not take one single photo of the boys.  And we should have, as Charlie's ten year old cousin Riley has now surpassed him in the height category!)
Burgers at Bar 209 (our second choice, the Corner Bar had no room for us!)  And we had no camera...but trust me, it was delicious, and 10 and 12 year old boys think it's great to eat lunch in a bar.

There is ice fishing, and skiing, and tubing, but we didn't do any of those things.  It is also a great place just to relax with your family!

My sister hosted a pizza party (Dave's, of course) at her fun, still-new home on Valentine's Day.  We made all kinds of food,
and even celebrated my nephew Kaleb's upcoming 17th birthday.  (SEVENTEEN???? How did that happen?  It seems we just had an Arthur birthday party for him, with balloons and ice cream cake.)  I got to visit with my brother, along with my dear mom,
and my brother's wife Angie-the world's best hockey mom:
The dad's got to visit too (although my dad goes by Dave (his middle name), his first name is Don, just like Mike's dad-it made it easy to choose Charlie's middle name and keep everyone happy).
I don't think there is anything better than getting to spend Valentine's Day with your whole family-especially when it doesn't get to happen very often.

Hoping all of you enjoyed a warm and happy weekend too!

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  1. Love this! Great photos. How nice that you could come up and see your fam! Which Grandpa helped build Paul & Babe?? You are making me hungry for Dave's Pizza!


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