Friday, February 5, 2010

the power of words

I was reminded yet again today how very powerful the written word can be.  Since nearly everything we write in our daily lives will seemingly never go away (no matter how much we delete things or send them to the trash, if we decide to run for public office SOMEONE will be able to retrieve that nasty email we sent...) is is so important to put some thought into what you express.

Words can harm, and the hurt can never go away.  Or words can heal, and make a family whole again.

With the internet, we can daily read words from all over the world, and find out what is in people's hearts, if they choose to share it.  Since embarking on this blog journey, I have read the words of dear friends, and complete strangers.  I have laughed out loud, shaken my head in disbelief, sighed, and had my heart sing.  I have reconnected with a long lost cousin, and am contiually amazed at how similar we are.

Although there are days I feel guilty for spending so much time reading blogs, sometimes reading them helps get me through a dreary day.  And that can't be a bad thing.  Thanks to all of you who share yourselves with the world.


  1. I know one long lost cousin who couldn't be more thrilled to have reconnected with you... life is good.


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