Friday, December 11, 2009

watching the art of French cooking

I finally saw "Julie and Julia".  I  got a fresh, never watched disc in the mail

from Netflix on Wednesday.  It had been a very full, busy day in the office,

and I was ready to be transported, as only a good movie can do.

It has overtaken the number one spot on my All Time Favorite Movie List.  I

can't believe I waited this long.  But in a way, it was just the right time to

see it.  December is kind of a crummy month for me, where I question what

the heck I am doing with my life and wondering if I will ever be able to

pursue my passion.  And getting the laundry done and dinner on the

table while running a business.  This is a good movie for that kind of mood.

That night, I didn't work on anything for ACES, I didn't put clothes in the

dryer, and I didn't wrap any presents.  I sat my body on my couch and

watched what I do believe may be the world's most perfect movie.  With

a glass of wine of course.  I do believe that is a prerequisite.  Don't you?

What could possibly make it so good, you may ask?

1.  It's about Julia Child, who I have adored for ages.  Everything about

her.  I own "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" volume one and

two. (Not  that I have ever had the courage to cook anything from them,

but they look awfully good in the bookshelf that holds all of my

cookbooks.  And I have plans to cook from them someday, big plans.

When I have a bigger kitchen, and time on my hands.)  I love to watch

old episodes of her cooking show.  "My Life in France", which she

wrote with her nephew, is an absolute delight to read.  Let me know

if you wish to borrow it.  And the first thing I plan to see when I go to

Washington DC someday has nothing to do with presidents, I am

going straightaway to her kitchen.

2.  Meryl Streep IS Julia Child.  I am firmly convinced that Meryl Streep can

play any role, ever.  She BECOMES her character.  I think Julia Child would

have absolutely adored her, playing her.  In watching how the film was

made, you get to see the huge platform shoes she had to wear to be so tall,

and she admits to gaining 15 pounds filming the movie (the director

insisted that they really eat, Susan Spungen was their chef.  She has a

WONDERFUL cookbook, that is on  my shelf, and available for

borrowing as well).

3.  It's about overcoming difficulties, with hard work, tears, and a little

swearing.  I can relate.

4.  Julie Powell is a blogger.  I'm a blogger too (not quite to her level of

stardom, perhaps I need to come up with a really wonderful project).

And I too would have trouble cooking a live lobster.

5.  Julia is sad when a baby carriage passes her on the sidewalk, and her

 husband squeezes her hand.  I remember, vividly, what that used to feel


6.  It's about food, and not just cooking to have something for dinner.  But

 having really good food, and relishing it, and sharing it with your friends.

7.  The costumes, the sets, the music, it was all just right.

8.  The love that Paul had for his wife is wondrous to watch.  And you don't

often see movies where the wife is taller than the husband, and this movie

showed us not just one, but two very happy couples with tall wives.  And

what can I possibly say about Stanley Tucci?  Sigh.

9.  She has a great relationship with her sister, I am rather fond of my

sister too!  Jane Lynch ("Glee") is perfect for the role.

10.  Nora Ephron directs, need I say more?

If you have already seen it, you know what I am talking about.  And I can

see you shaking your head, wondering what the heck took me so long.  But

I finally saw it, and I am blogging away with a big smile on my face.

Perhaps I should pull out my old manual typewriter and some carbon paper,

and do some writing that way, just to feel more in touch with Julia. 

Or hang my cooking things from pegboard.  I wonder if I could get

Mike to trace the outlines?

Yes, I do plan to watch it weekly. But I won't be boning a duck any time

soon.  Poaching an egg?  Perhaps, and definitely chopping some onions.

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  1. Ohhh~ I haven't seen it yet either (our theater was closed for renovations) and I'm dying to! Thanks for this great post. I can't wait!

  2. Okay~ SAW it tonight!!
    1. Never saw the real Julia, want to visit France, not sure I would take cooking to her level (the lobster and de-boning a duck), but LOVED the movie, think she is awesome. Wash. DC, want to visit the Holocaust museum, presidents, then Julia!

    2.Meryl Streep rocks. She's the best. No one touches her acting.

    3. Thought it was cute, but still charging money for the swearing. Ha!

    4. Blogging is where it's at. You need a really wonderful project... you could do it.

    5. Ohh... my heart is out to you on this.

    6. I hear ya on this... savoring GOOD food. Bring on the yoga pant.

    7. Fully agree. Fully. I'm full.

    8. Very sweet couple!

    9. The sisters were a delight in this movie.

    10. You need not say more.

    GREAT movie, thanks for the high recommendation! You are spot on!


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