Sunday, December 27, 2009

a few of my favorite things

There are certain movies that I cherish, that hold a special place in my

heart. And I can always count on one of my very favorites to be shown

during the holidays.

As I type this, Fraulein Maria has just berated Christopher Plummer

soundly, standing drenched from falling in the water, with the amazing

Alps in the background.  And now the children are singing to the

Baroness, and all I want to do is sing along.

Maria is one of my favorite characters - strong and outspoken, and she can

sew playclothes out of curtains, and put on an amazing puppet show, and

help the Captain find his heart.  And dump that annoying Baronness.

"Edelweiss" played at our wedding, while the guests were being seated.

And I walked down the aisle to the wedding march from this movie.

Cinema is a wonderful thing, don't you agree?

What movies touch your heart, no matter how many times you watch them?


  1. Dude - I am so totally watching the same.exact.thing right now. Liesl's damn boyfriend.ugh.

  2. We watched this the same night too! The music... ahhh... love it. One of my all time favorites as well.

  3. Tracy~ your comment cracks me up as usual! You're too funny!


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